How many location listings can I list for FREE?

You can list 5 locations for free. Once it goes over 5 listings, it starts to put a bit more strain on our servers so we charge a minimal fee at that point of $4.99 for 5-25 listings, and if you need more than 25 listings we charge $9.99.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

There is a forgot password link on the login page. Just click that link and it will email you a link to change your password to something you can remember.

Is my login for Snowie Locations different than

Yes, they are essentially different websites. Snowie Locations needed to be on it’s own site as it’s primary purpose is for vendors to get their locations out there and to help customers find a snowie vendor location near them. Where is geared to help vendors get the gear they need to start selling Snowie Shaved Ice. Two different purposes, so for that reason we separated the sites.

How do I submit a new listing?

There is a Submit Listing link on the main navigation of the site toward the top of the page (by the logo)

How do I edit/remove an existing location listing?

You can edit all of your listings by going to the Dashboard on the main navigation of the site and choosing “Edit Listing” (or click here). There you can edit or delete any of your listings.

How do I change my information?

You can change your information such as email, name, billing address, profile picture, etc, by clicking the “Dashboard” link on the main navigation and then choose “Update Settings”.

What happens when my location listing duration is up?

Once a listing is expired it is removed from the search results. The location listing owner can then re-list his/her listing by selecting a new pricing package and then the listing is re-listed on the site, they do not need to recreate their listing

My problem isn’t listed here and I need help

No problem, we are here to help. Please visit and fill out a support ticket and we’ll be sure to make sure your question and/or problem gets addressed as soon as we can.